Never Fall Complete Corner Sink Repair System (For Corner Sink only)

  • $57.95

The newly designed NEVER FALL COMPLETE CORNER SINK REPAIR SYSTEM is made to repair a fallen sink in a corner cabinet with ease and without the need to remove the sink or plumbing supply lines, drains, and any other accessories, like garbage disposals, wiring, etc. This innovative redesigned heavy duty 16 gauge 45 degrees angled cabinet wall bracket gives it the ability to properly repair a corner cabinet sink which is almost next to impossible to fix under normal circumstances. The extended heavy duty 45-degree angle bracket allows you to support the sink in a corner cabinet situation were the sink is placed further back and the cabinets are at 45 degrees to the sink. It’s professionally made and designed by a granite fabricator after seeing these problems time and time again. It takes a lot of effort to push up the sink with all the plumbing and accessories attached, especially while laying on your back under the sink and trying to screw something to the cabinet wall at the same time, especially in a corner cabinet sink design. Trying to multitask this situation is difficult at best but with The Never Fall complete repair system, these tasks are simplified with no aggravation. The installation is a breeze, just insert the double-headed sink bracket into the flange of the sink. Then, peel the double-sided adhesive tape from the back of the newly designed wall bracket and press it against the cabinet wall. The temporary adhesive allows for hands-free operation to install the six screws that are provided. Simply turn the shaft of the turnbuckle until the sink raises and makes contact with the countertop. Next, tighten the lock nut and you’re done! The optional front center sink support ratchet bracket and repair clip are also provided for extra support in the front for the center of the sink if needed. Simply install the repair clip to the upper front frame of the cabinet with the two screws provided. Then, slide the ratchet bracket into the repair clip and secure with one bottom screw. Finally, just push up the ratchet bracket till it meets with the sink and countertop. The Never Fall is a bulletproof system that will last as long as your kitchen even supporting 680 lbs and can be used with cast iron, composites, and stainless steel sinks. Comes with an instructional manual and a link to a repair video. The Never Fall will never fail you! Life Time Warranty Patient Pending Watch the instructional YouTube video here -