Warranty & Repair

Fabricators for Fabricators offers a 1 year Warranty (Warranty Agreement.pdf). This warranty goes into effect after the tool is purchased.  Warranty is on defective parts and defective workmanship. If found defective ether by parts or workmanship the tool will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Fabricators for Fabricators LLC.

This warranty does not cover: routine maintenance and normal wear.

Warranty will be void if the tool has been: Repaired or attempts have been made by an unauthorized repair center, abused, misused, improperly maintained and alterations have been done.

All tools sent in for repair will be at the cost of the customer and must be sent to the repair center at:   

Fabricators for Fabricators LLC. 
15000 Route 30 East 
               North Huntingdon Pa 15642     

​For more information about warranty and repair.pdf click the link.