Adjustable Brace Setter

  • $334.00

The Brace Setter is new and improved with the Brace Setter Adjustable! Just as the original Brace Setter, the Brace Setter Adjustable has the same high-performance router housing that connects to a 5/8 x 11 angle grinder and cuts a precise 2 9/16” wide groove for your brace in record breaking time, but the Brace Setter Adjustable has an added bonus. With the Brace Setter Adjustable, you can now adjust the cutting depth from 0 to 3/8. By turning the blue top of the Brace Setter Adjustable, you can move the blades up or down to make a precise grove at any depth you desire for your application. In addition, the Brace Setter Adjustable has more cutting power with three cutting blades instead of two, giving you 54 long-lasting tungsten carbide teeth that easily cut through hardwood, softwood, plywood, and laminates. There is no limit to the depth of your cut with the Brace Setter Adjustable!  


Patent pending